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Message from the Chairman

The Japan Private Equity Association (JPEA) was founded in August 2005. The principal members of the JPEA are fund managers, research and consulting firms, and advisory firms related to private equity business in Japan. Since its inception, the objectives of the association have been to stimulate the activity of private equity investment in Japan, raise the recognition of private equity business, promote the healthy growth of the private equity industry, and to contribute to the growth of the economy and society of Japan. JPEA has worked with our members to proactively promote meaningful undertakings such as research on overall industry activities, public relations, advertisements and publications related to private equity industry, policy recommendations to government offices, and requests for amendments of regulations. We are also promoting communication with overseas private equity organizations and institutional investors as a part of the global expansion of our activity.

As the Japanese economy becomes truly globalized and borderless, Corporate Japan faces fierce competition against global players both in the domestic market and overseas markets. For Japanese companies striving tirelessly for expanding business domestically, or realizing faster business growth in emerging market such as China and Southeast Asia, it is a common challenge to enhance business strength in developing and offering products, technologies and services at a globally competitive level. Under these circumstances, we continue to support Corporate Japan through providing financial capital, management resources, and corporate governance which accelerates corporate growth, increases shareholders’ value, and contributes to the prosperity of the Japanese economy. We continue to do this on the basis of also providing the globally attractive investment returns to our investors, which are essential to the health and growth of our industry in Japan.

JPEA intends to co-work closely with each member, to ensure that the private equity industry develops further as a trusted partner of Corporate Japan and succeeds for its investors. We ask for your guidance and understanding so that we may continue to contribute to the development of the economy and society of Japan.

Chairman of the Japan Private Equity Association
Masamichi Yoshizawa